Introducing Wallerx™, the revolutionary organizational system for home or business.


Wallwerx comes with everything you see here (two patented pegboard base plates and brads for mounting, and C-brackets for mounting both clear jars with lids). 


Buy the 2 pack or a case of 12, depending on your wall organization and storage needs.


Installation is easy on standard and metal pegboards with ¼” holes. Align the base plate on the pegboard with the text facing up, and push the brads to lock into place. Finally, insert your C-bracket and rotate a quarter turn clockwise until it’s locked in place.


You can use the included plastic jars or use your own standard mouth mason jars.


Buy just the Wallwerx base plate with C-bracket to securely mount your next  mason jar storage project.


From the workshop to the craft room to the pantry, Wallwerx is clearly the best for your organizational needs.


Find any and everything, quickly and easily. Pull it down, use what you need and click back into place, with the confidence of knowing the Wallwerx tough, secure mounting system can easily hold up to 5 pounds.


Removal is fast with a flat-head screwdriver.


The Wallwerx base plate can also be used on any hard surface by simply screwing it in.


And with more products rolling out soon, the flexibility of the Wallwerx system gets even better. This versatile pegboard organizational solution is ready and waiting to make your space more effective and ease to use. See the difference with Wallwerx. Get yours today.