How do I install the Wallwerx system?

See How it Werx.  Wallwerx is simple to install.  First mount a baseplate, and then securely lock one of the attachments in with a quarter turn clockwise. On a standard pegboard (1/4" holes at 1" spacing), the included plastic brads are simply pressed in by hand and no tools are needed - and won't fall out like common pegboard hooks and hangers that we've all endured for decades. The baseplate can also be mounted to any wall surface with two screws (and anchors as need) for plywood, drywall, masonry, and more.

A really advantage of the Wallwerx system is the ability to adapt it to your own space, whether you have just a couple inches of wall surface to spare or an entire wall. The 1.5" square baseplate fits just about everywhere and can be arranged in an infinite number of configurations.

The Wallwerx jar attachments, including 16oz, 8oz and 4oz clear jars, offer grab-and-go accessibility and the option to use with or with out a lid.  Store materials safely away from moisture and dust with a gasket lined lid, or leave it open to store paint brushes, utensils and taller items.

What is Wallwerx?

Wallwerx is an innovative line of products for workspace organization that is easy to install and offers identifiable storage of small items. Advantages over competing solutions:

  • Transparent storage for quick identification of items
  • Secure mounting
  • Simple grab-and-go functionality
  • Dust free storage
  • Simple installation-no tools required

Is Wallwerx compatible with any type of pegboard?

Yes!  The patented Wallwerx base is compatible with nearly all pegboard with 1/4" diameter holes.  Wallwerx mounts securely to pressboard and metal pegboard too.

Can Wallwerx be mounted to other surfaces?

Yes!  The Wallwerx base has two additional holes for mounting to virtually any surface.  Additional hardware is required and can be found at any local hardware store. See How it Werx

Can Wallwerx be removed and reused again?

Yes! Our nylon rivets can be reused many times over. Simply remove the rivet head with a small screwdriver and reinstall wherever you like.

Is Wallwerx compatible with glass mason jars?

Yes! Wallwerx's wall-mounted regular mouth jar bracket is compatible with standard mouth mason jars, not wide mouth.  This makes Wallwerx ideal for retail display of coffee, teas, etc.  It's even great for vertical herb gardens utilizing mason jars!