How It Werx

Wallwerx's system baseplate is easy to install on pegboards or any surface. System attachments are then securely locked into place with just a 1/4 turn clockwise.


Simple Installation.

The Wallwerx easy install system is made for a quick setup, transforming any space into a neatly organized haven in just a few straightforward steps. Easily connect the system to existing pegboards or simply screw the baseplates directly into the wall, followed by attaching your chosen accessories. Smooth, simple, and versatile.

Step 1: Attach Baseplate.

Attach baseplate to your wall or pegboard.

Step 2: Twist & Lock.

Now pick your storage attachments, like jars or hooks, and twist them onto the baseplate.

Install Wallwerx Baseplate

Pegboard - Align Baseplate with standard pegboard (1/4" holes, 1" spacing) and depress plastic brads until snapped securely in place.

Drywall/Wood/Masonry - Install with #6 screws/anchors as needed for your wall surface

Mount Wallwerx Attachments

Mount any of the interchangeable Wallwerx attachments by inserting into the Baseplate vertically and rotating 1/4 turn clockwise, until locked into place horizontally.

Remove attachments by twisting 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

Swap and Arrange Attachments

Customize your Wallwerx system by arranging attachments in any configuration.  All attachments are universal to the baseplate.

Revolutionize Your Space with Infinite Organization

Introducing Wallwerx - your ultimate solution to a clutter-free, organized. garage. Our infinitely configurable garage wall storage & organization system ensures every small item and tool has its place, visible and within reach. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a fixer, or simply someone who appreciates an organized garage, Wallwerx is designed with you in mind.


Wallwerx Jar 16oz w/lid


Wallwerx Jar 16oz (12-pack)


Wallwerx Jar 16oz (2-pack)


Wallwerx Regular Mouth Jar Bracket (1-pack)


Seamless Setup, Endless Organization

Infinite Configurations

Embrace the freedom of design with Wallwerx, your ally in creating a meticulously organized space tailored to your unique needs. The Wallwerx system allows you to mount to any wall surface, and then swap and arrange components in endless combinations. Your storage solution evolves with your changing requirements, whether it's in a bustling workshop, tiny home, creative craft room, or kitchen area.

Quality & Durability

Wallwerx brings you tough, long-lasting quality, made with care in the U.S. from sturdy plastic. Not only is it resilient enough for the demands of heavy garage use, but it's also easy to clean, making it ideal for kitchens, classrooms, and any space that demands tidiness. Unlike traditional pegboard accessories, which often come loose and fall out, Wallwerx guarantees a secure, steadfast storage solution that you can depend on, day in and day out, ensuring your items stay securely in place.


Easy to Install

After taking the Wallwerx organizer system out the box, you're only moments away from organizing your space.  Envision what items and tools you'll be organizing, and then arrange the baseplates in a pattern that you think will work best.  If you're mounting to a standard pegboard, moving the baseplate is as easy as using a flat head screwdriver to pop out the head of the included plastic bads.

See Wallwerx in Action


Secure Interchangeable System