Organize Your Space, Your Way

The Customizable Storage System for a Clutter-Free Workspace

Modular kits and packs available to customize your own! 


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Wallwerx Jar 16oz w/lid


Wallwerx Regular Mouth Jar Bracket (1-pack)


Wallwerx Jar 16oz (12-pack)


Wallwerx Jar 16oz (2-pack)


Revolutionize Your Workspace with Infinite Organization

Introducing Wallwerx - your ultimate solution to a clutter-free, organized. workspace. Our infinitely configurable wall storage & organization system. ensures every small item and tool has its place, visible and within reach. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a crafter, or simply someone who appreciates an organized space, Wallwerx is designed with you in mind..

Infinite Configurations

Embrace the freedom of design with Wallwerx, your ally in creating a meticulously organized space tailored to your unique needs. Our system allows you to swap and arrange components in endless combinations, ensuring your storage solution evolves with your changing requirements, whether it's in a bustling workshop, a creative. craft room, or a meticulous hobby area.