Michael's Now Selling Wallwerx Organizing System for Craft Supplies

For crafters, sewers, painters, felters, quilters and DIYers of all stripes, Michael's is now carrying Wallwerx storage and organization product.  Michael's Stores is the largest U.S. retailer of arts and crafts supplies and materials.

Wallwerx pegboard jars are perfect for storing small items in clear sight, easily retrieved and securely mounted on your craft pegboard, or any wall. Our flex bracket is also securely mounts standard mouth mason jars for any DIY mason jar project you can think off.

Wallwerx pegboard jars storing art and craft supplies like paint brushes, pencils and pens

If you're reorganizing your craft space, consider our 12 jar case that includes all required mounting brackets and modular bases to complete the job without the need for any tools. Each jar is 16oz and can securely hold 5lbs.

Need to start small? Our 2 jar pack also comes with everything needed to mount and store your craft supplies in a secure, dust-free, grab-and-go container right at your craft table.

Craft storage and organization solution with pegboard jars