Launching new storage and organization system on Kickstarter

Launching new storage and organization system on Kickstarter

Wallwerx is excited to announce the launch of it's new wall storage and organization system. These new products will be first made available on Kickstarter and then released to the general public, including here on our website.

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Complimenting the first Wallwerx product to market, the regular mouth jar bracket & 16oz clear jar, our new products are interchangeable attachments that also work with the Wallwerx baseplate.  Now with a lineup of five modular attachments, the Wallwerx system has been brought to life.

We have chosen to launch these new products first on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for several reasons.  First, it will allow us to reach a new audience. At the same time, we can use the pre-sale nature project funding to accumulate in advance a sizable and predictable production run for manufacturing.

About the Wallwerx storage and organization system.

The foundation of the Wallwerx system is the patented, modular baseplate that provides a secure mounting point for each of the interchangeable attachments. This storage and organization can be installed on any wall surface in two simple steps.

Step 1: Attach baseplate to a standard pegboard by depressing plastic brads, or to any wall surface with #6 screws/anchors as needed.

Step 2: Twist and lock your Wallwerx attachment of choice into place by rotating 90 degrees clockwise. Twist counterclockwise to remove.  Swap and arrange Wallwerx attachments in endless combination.

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