Create a Garage Organization Plan

Taking on that messy garage this weekend? Having a plan can help. Try these simple steps to build your confidence and get organized.

1. Gather all the tools and supplies you need:

- Large bin or box
- Wallwerx storage containers for small items
- Labels
- Hammer
- Screwdriver
- Tape Measure
- Assorted nails, screws, and bolts
- Glue
- Safety goggles
- Vacuum
- Broom
- Mop
- Cleaning supplies

2. Once you have all the supplies, start by cleaning the garage:

- Sweep any dirt, dust, and debris
- Mop any spills
- Vacuum any cobwebs

3. Sort and organize items:

- Sort items into categories, such as tools, garden supplies, sports equipment, small items, etc.
- Put items in bins or boxes and label them accordingly
- Hang any items that can be hung on the walls or ceiling
- Check two boxes at once by storing small items like screws, nuts, bolts and washers in Wallwerx organizer system on a pegboard or garage wall

4. Dispose of any items you no longer need:

- Recycle or donate items you no longer need
- Dispose of items that are broken or no longer usable

5. Put items back in the garage:

- Place items in their designated locations
- Use hooks and shelves to store items and save space
- Put heavier items on the bottom shelves or bins

6. Enjoy your organized garage!

garage pegboard organization plans